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Michael Deleon, was young man, with vast potential given every opportunity by two great parents, A man who would go on to achieve and experience The American Dream. A young man who's climb to the top of the business world was cut short by his tumultuous battle with drug addiction.

An addiction that would cause him to nearly loose his life, Destroy his young family and remove him from the life of his beautiful son. An addiction that would inevitably forfeit the trust of his family, his partners and his friends and eventually cause the tragic loss of his mother.

Michael Deleon, an ex offender, who served a 10 year prison sentence followed by 2 years in a halfway house was given a second chance and a mission. Now the force and creator behind Steered Straight Inc. in which he founded in the year 2000.

His mission is to provide education and information to steer youth straight towards making positive choices and rational decisions in real life situations through personal experience and real life consequences.

Michael spent his life savings, financing as well as directing, two award winning documentaries. "Kids are Dying" and "American epidemic" illuminating the new generation of heroin and prescription drug abuse in America. A crisis that effects our suburbs as well as our inner cities.

Now expanding over seven states and still growing Steered Straight Inc. has reached over one million students nationwide.

Providing assembly's for youth on drug awareness and prevention also providing a unique spotlight on the nature of bullying and an eye opening program "The truth about gangs" and "MAN UP". Michael and his team also focus seminars specific to correctional facilities providing inspirational messages and information to incarcerated parents showcasing how incarceration,  effects offspring.

Michael Deleon and the Steered Straight Inc Team have also created "Parent Academy" and "Recovery Army". Two unique community outreach programs providing resources and information on addiction to the public.

Currently in the works, 2 additional documentaries (please check out our media page for updates) as well as Michael's memoir titled "Devil's Tool" expected to be released in the Spring of 2016. 

Congressman Elijah Cummings
Congressman Elijah Cummings
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