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Right now, across the Country, we are experiencing an epidemic of drug overdoses and overdose death. In fact, in America as a whole and in most states individually, overdose death is the #1 cause of accidental death. We are losing youth and young adults to this insidious problem.

In addition to the insidious epidemic of overdose death is the skyrocketing number of near misses and the increasing number of young people that are becoming incarcerated because of drugs and the suburban migration of street gangs due to drug distribution. This is the second stigma.

Michael DeLeon represents both stigmas. In fact, he delivers a powerful message that is not only informational awareness for all who hear his story, but a powerful cautionary tale that is unmatched in its effectiveness. Working with local agencies, schools and Law Enforcement, Michael is able to impact an entire community to work as a catalyst for change. In communities that are already addressing this problem, or in communities that don’t know where to begin, Steered Straight is a powerful partner.

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"Helping Young People Help Themselves"


A Very unique approach to this important topic, combining the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic with the exploding increases in heroin use/misuse as well as the pending push to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Coupling this with changing trends with synthetic drugs, e-cigarettes, vapors, and alcohol, this seminar educates its audience on how to better understand and prevent as well as stop the overdose and overdose death epidemic we are suffering from in our Country.

“Killing More Than Pain”
Prescription Drugs and Opiate Prevention Presentations – This assembly discusses the most prevalent epidemic facing our country today. Responsible use of OTC drugs and Prescription Medication is accentuated while Parents/Staff and Community are educated about why this epidemic is taking place and how to recognize the dangers, educate their children about it and learn how to avoid the dangers for themselves and others. Audience members learn about signs, symptoms, discussion points and age-appropriate lessons to prevent initial use and how to continue the conversation.

This seminar is a professional development and community awareness seminar that brings a very unique perspective to this growing social problem. It is a unique way to address the growing problem of youth, especially suburban youth from being recruited into gangs. It directly ties prescription drug abuse and subsequent heroin abuse to suburban gang migration and explains how we can stop this growing trend. It speaks to the presence and prevalence of gang involvement among students and the direct correlation to changing trends among youth with drug and alcohol use/abuse. This seminar explains the new reality of how the suburbs are A magnet for street gangs. Gang trends are changing across our country and there exists a very unique dynamic on how gangs, gang members, and gang activity / violence affects youth in different ways, specifically related to suburban gang migration. This workshop does not educate attendees about the history of gangs, but about how gangs affect our communities today. It addresses the dangers of street gangs and gang activity, specifically related to suburban gang migration. It incorporates the potentially harmful associations of peer groups, long-term consequences of irrational thinking and the unhealthy decision-making skills that some youth suffer from.  It also distinguishes appropriate punishments for gang-related activity in schools. Furthermore, it provides staff with the means of preventing potential gang involvement and intervening in ongoing gang activity among students specifically identifying the correlation to drug and alcohol use.

What Parents Are Saying

I wanted to thank the presenters for the Stay In Your Lane assembly at Wood-Ridge High School this week. It has left a lasting impression with my daughter particularly the young woman who spoke. She has spoken about it to everyone in our family with tears in her eyes. It is different from other assemblies. She keeps saying ‘they didn’t preach to us but simply put their stories out there for us to decide what we thought!’ Please let the presenters know that their time and effort is being put to good use and they ARE making a difference! Thanks so much!!

I want to reach out to thank Crystal and John for sharing their stories and guidance at a presentation today at my son’s school. On 9/29/16 they presented to Toms River Intermediate East. My son came home with the program bracelet. I told him I’d love to hear about it, and it initiated a wonderful and important family dinner-time conversation. I appreciate your efforts to help kids pick and stay on a path of health, sobriety, and well-being. Wishing you much health and happiness on your path!

Marijuana Information

Our district office has never received so many phone calls from parents and community members thanking us for presenting a seminar as we have for Steered Straight. This workshop was informative and educational. We plan to bring you back every year.

Manalapan Board of Education