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June 2016

Crystal grew up in a tumultuous household. Dealing with her father’s alcoholism, a close friend’s unexpected death, and the incessant yearning to belong.

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May 2016

As a child, Paula couldn’t fathom her own father, who spoiled her incessantly, could ever be “the neighborhood drug dealer.”

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March 2016

After being raped and stealing for her next fix, Monica realized it was time to change her ways.

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February 2016

Jenna looked to alcohol to self-soothe, feeling better and better, with every sip she was taking.

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January 2016

John understands that addiction is a disease, but he experienced first-hand, what happens to a family when one of their loved ones battles an addiction.

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December 2016

Colin made an awful decision one night, at age 16. By night’s end, he ended up overdosing, and left for dead, on his own front steps.

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November 2015

Featured Story: Steered Straight’s Aly; also “Heroin: CMC’s Fastest Growing Epidemic”

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