Allie Severino

About Allie Severino

Allie Severino is an engaging powerhouse who brings a cautionary tale to kids, bringing them on a journey that will force them to take a look within themselves and critically think about social norms in today’s world. Allie’s consistent message that every girl and boy deserves and is capable of a life beyond their wildest dreams and destroying self imposed limits is something that will stay with them for years to come.

Allie has used her own story of 18 years of trauma and years of addiction troubles to bring light to the drug and alcohol problems facing our great country. Her stories have been highlighted on HBO and Vicelands #1 series “Dopesick Nation” as well as her Academy award nominated, 8 time award winning, documentary film “American Relapse” Kids will remember her for life.

  • Got sober at 18 (11 years sobriety) currently 29
  • Faced 120 years prison
  • Business owner
  • College student
  • American Relapse is on hulu, Itunes, Amazon Prime, On Demand
  • Dopesick Nation Viceland, Vice international show

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