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Angela Parkerson

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About ​Angela Parkerson

My life forever changed on April 23, 2021, when in a small town in Bardstown, Kentucky, my 24 year old son Nick was killed by 1/2 an illicit fentanyl pill he believed to be a Percocet.

Nick died suddenly and without a clue that would be his last act on earth. No warning, no knowledge he was about to consume fentanyl, no battle, and no choice.

Nick didn’t choose Fentanyl. He was deceived and poisoned to death without consent or knowledge. I could not save Nick from an unknown illicitly made fake pill because I didn’t know they existed. Nick didn’t know they existed either. Nick doesn’t get a second chance or a choice.

But you and your child can. It has become my life’s mission to bring awareness by alerting as many people as I can to the mass poisoning occurring throughout this country with fentanyl.

My son Nick is a beloved person and his life will be forever missed. Nick matters and all those killed by illicit Fentanyl matter. It’s time we do something about it.

While Nick is gone and I cannot save him, I can try to help save you and your child from this lifetime of heartache that I must now endure. My story is one that all young people should hear so they know the dangers of fentanyl and the risks they are taking if they choose to take a pill that has not been prescribed to them specifically by a doctor.

My mission is to warn public against the imminent dangers of fentanyl, to end stigma and shame, and to change laws related to drug induced homicide.  I want everyone who knows the word Covid to also know the word fentanyl and what it is doing to our youth. Fentanyl is the number one killer in this country and through my public speaking, I want to make sure everyone knows about fentanyl and never has to hear about it the way I did, on your beloved child’s death certificate.

We can and will do better.  Together we will take back our communities and save our children.