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Back to the Classroom

Back to the Classroom Core Curriculum Support Program

Together, we are in a race to give our children better tools than the generations before them. We believe the solutions for youth substance use and abuse have already been found. Our Back to the Classroom series is our attempt to bring effective student interventions into the classroom and home, without over challenging the student’s regular schedules. Let’s ensure that our chosen interventions are the ones known to work.

Our “Back to the Classroom Core Curriculum Support Program” is loaded with daily behavioral modification strategies through student journaling and peer leadership, weekly classroom activities and hundreds of opportunities for students to develop mature decision making. Each module within the program is guided by monthly themes that will give students a daily mindfulness of their behavior, school core values and national issues related to substance abuse.

“Back to the Classroom Core Curriculum Support Program” consists of seven modules with each one following a monthly theme. These modules prompt needed conversations between students, school guidance teams and parents and provide activities that guide students through their stages of growth and development.Back to the Classroom document cover

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