C.U.R.E – Christians Uplifting Recovery Everywhere


  • Meeting those affected by addictions (those struggling with addiction, their families, friends, other concerned community members) wherever they are currently at emotionally, physically and spiritually. We will walk through the process with you. We understand how addiction can affect all areas of our lives, and the feelings that go along with it: shame, guilt, hopelessness, confusion, isolation, brokenness, frustration and fear.
  • Front Line team: will be there to offer a hand up, a ride to a meeting or detox or social services appointment. We will be there to offer a meal, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, etc and help show them that there is hope, and they can change their lives. We will show the love of Christ through a cup of coffee, an ear, a pack of cigarettes, a prayer…whatever it takes to connect and be the light of hope. To let them know there is a source…. There is a path to follow when they are ready.
  • Turning Point team: will be there to offer support, guidance and resources to those that are affected by a loved one’s struggle with addiction. We can walk with you as you sort through your own emotions surrounding the situation, and learn to take care of yourself, to not enable and to make often difficult decisions that may be necessary. We have a list of resources and people that will help guide you through the process of accessing and deciding on treatment programs and other paths available to both you and your loved ones.



  • Christ centered, Biblically based 12 step groups and writing guides/studies to assist those in recovery to sort through their humanness, and the contradiction and confusion of past hurts, addictive lifestyles and behaviors/beliefs. Format of meetings is similar to secular 12 step meetings, to allow those who are unsure in their faith or belief system to feel comfortable. CURE is the link between secular recovery groups and Christian beliefs/Biblically based steps. CURE encourages those in recovery from addiction or their families to stay involved in AA, NA, CDA, Alanon, CoDA, Naranon, etc. Sharing groups and study groups are not just limited to those recovery from drugs/alcohol. Groups also form for support for family members, youth/children and specific other addictions—such as gambling, food, sexual impurity, etc.
  • A series of small groups that will focus on those unsure of their faith and beliefs in Christianity a bit further than the 12 step groups. Informal, non ‘churchy’ discussion groups and a meal to ask questions like “who is Jesus?”, “Why should I read the bible?”. Judgement free, welcoming and open.
  • Planned activities for those in recovery—to fellowship, make new friends and learn how to live and enjoy life, having FUN in recovery, without the need for drugs or drinking. Dinners, movie nights, bowling, ‘field trips’, service/volunteer trips and projects, crafts, concerts, etc.
  • Quarterly or semi annual retreats—full weekends or one day to do a bit more in depth education, recovery topics/discussion, etc. Speakers, food, healing, fun and taking a break to refresh, refocus, reflect. For those in recovery, their families and youth.



  • Life skills development and assistance: healthy eating, financial peace/responsibility, interview/job skills, etiquette/social graces, parenting, relationship/marriage, goal setting, going back to school, tutoring, mentoring, Pastoral care… Empowering those now in recovery and committed to long term recovery and transforming their lives to become who God created them to be.
  • Small groups with more focus/specific Bible studies or book studies on relevant topics to help in the healing, transforming lives process. Relevant topics and guidance to help deepen the relationship to Christ and further spiritual maturity
  • Groups or one on one discussions on finding our purpose through PDL series, spiritual gift ‘tests’ and discovering our personality types and strengths.
  • Being of service and giving back in the church family, community or within a 12 step fellowship in some way.
  • Semi annual retreats to go deeper and reflect, redirect, heal and keep moving forward—topic based; men’s and women’s retreats, and/or retreats inclusive of families, youth, etc.
  • Emerging Adult Groups – Young adults between the ages of 18 and 27 are disproportionally affected by addiction. A very large percentage of this group began addiction between the formulating years of 11 to 18 and thus, need to focus on building some of the skill set as mentioned above but relating to other peers that share this scenario. This group must also be embraced in developing life-fulfilling activities and peer fellowship outside of the 12-Step format and Church activities. Some of these things might include video games, table games, skateboarding, and events and trips unique to this demographic.


CURE – CURE is the Faith-Based arm of Steered Straight, Inc. a non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention through education and awareness of addiction to and through youth to schools, families and communities. The Faith-based community is in as much need of this education and awareness and is often left out of specific targeting. CURE will not only target the Faith-based communities, we will educate and equip these communities to serve as resources for all peoples in overall society.

CURE – Seeks missionary support from Churches throughout America. We are asking Churches to partner with us in this Addictions Ministry by adopting our non-profit organization as a mission.

We are seeking a monthly missionary donation of an amount that fits into the budget of the Church. We are going to bring our program into any and every Faith-based organization throughout the country in the way of modeling. We are working to share what we have created with any and every faith-based organization in America. However, we want to create a team that can actually work with individual Churches and groups to create a CURE Ministry of their own, in their organization.

From telecommuting consultation to actually going to the location to help establish the Ministry locally, to providing support and continued education and awareness, CURE will help Faith-Based groups build a CURE Ministry of their own in order to provide their people with the support they need to break through their addictions.

These services will include:

  • Providing a database of treatment resources throughout the country that have been vetted and visited for efficacy and professionalism.
  • Provide Recovery Coach training and intervention referral from trusted sources
  • Provide education resources through materials such as booklets, films and monthly newsletters.
  • Provide a 24 hour / 7 day a week resource of trained professionals to begin the process of finding treatment help for people that need that immediate support
  • Come to the Church or location to conduct an inspirational presentation and/or a series of educational groups and workshops to motivate congregants to get involved in CURE and/or support the Churches ministry.
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