Steered Straight, Inc. –  We’ve presented to over 5 million youth and young adults. Help us reach students in your local schools. 

Middle / Intermediate / High School Student Assemblies

Kids are being encouraged to “try” everything. Our highly trained speakers have been there, done that and are ready to share their personal experiences with your students. They know the negative effects of poor decisions first hand. We focus on helping kids make good decisions through strong discussions about the consequences of bad life choices. Our speakers and students relate to each other very closely. Students are touched and affected! Our message resonates and opens the lines of communication between, student, home and school.

Reaching youth is key. Often young adults are dealing with difficult issues and turn to substance use / abuse. Lack of knowledge of the dangers of opioids gets our youth into trouble very quickly. Stigma or not knowing where to turn keeps them from seeking help.

Steered Straight’s program is very successful in reaching youth before they find themselves in situations that are far more difficult to move away from. To bring a Steered Straight program into your school contact us at 856-691-6676 or click here.


Join Recovery Army!

If you work in the Pharmaceutical Industry following are three things that can help to end the heroin epidemic. 

1. Remove Financial Incentives for Prescribing and Direct Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

  • Ban direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs and medical devices.
  • Re-evaluate the Medicare physician / ER visit billing guidelines and remove the medical decision / risk incentive to write a script during a patient visit.
  • Everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors. Work to help this change.

2. Institute Transparent Commission to Study Schedule III & IV Drugs

  • Renewed outlook with new evidence based data of dependence, addiction, misuse and/or abuse. Examples: Benzodiazepines, Valium, Darvon, Ativan, Xanax, Soma.

3. Mandatory Electronic Script Pads

  • Eliminating prescription pads is critical in removing the ability for fraud. Electronic Prescription Orders Program have proven to be safer and more secure.

Learn more concerning Best Practices prescribing guidelines for all controlled substances, not just Opioids.


Finding Help with Addiction when Insured

Treatment – 1.856.691.6676
Did you know that with most private health insurances, addiction treatment can be little to no cost to you?

If you are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction, and want to know if your insurance will be accepted, many facilities offer an insurance verification of your benefits at no cost to you. This is helpful if you do not know what your insurance benefits are when it comes to addiction treatment, or need assistance with understanding them. There are many benefits to having private insurance, the array of healthcare options that are available are much more comprehensive than government-supported insurance plans. These benefits are important during the times when the life of you and your family is affected by alcoholism or addiction.

There are many different levels of care, detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services; these are all typically covered with private insurance. If you need to know how much of the treatment is covered in your insurance policy, you can always reach out directly to your health insurance provider or request an insurance verification from a trusted addiction treatment center.