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Steered Straight is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of America with a powerful message of prevention in order to steer them toward positive life paths. On top of the presentations and programs designed for students, we offer four Professional Development Seminars to educate teachers, administrators and professional staff on the behaviors, identification, laws and consequences surrounding the issues at hand.  We also discuss methods for appropriately recognizing and addressing situations related to bullying, gang involvement, and drug and alcohol use/abuse.

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With a growing epidemic across America for drug overdose and overdose death, there has been a lack of real information for educators and parents about how this epidemic has migrated into suburban communities. We cover how the age of first use, experimentation and regular, habitual use and abuse has lowered, hitting our kids at an even younger age. This seminar explains the signs and symptoms, what to look for and how to collaboratively bring solutions to this social epidemic. Prescription misuse and abuse, synthetics and chemical drugs as well as heroin are explained and presented in a way to better prepare educators on how to solve this ongoing problem.  This is information you must have!

I have been in education for 38 years and have attended countless PD workshops. I have never attended a more interesting and eye-opening workshop as I have today. Mr. DeLeon is dynamic. I will never forget this seminar.

Egg Harbor City Staff Member

This was the best workshop our district has ever hosted. It has opened my eyes like never before.

Deerfield Township Staff Member

I want to thank the Monmouth County Office of the Public Defender for providing an unforgettable workshop. Steered Straight definitely changed how I will view gangs.

Long Branch Educator

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Stop Bullying, Stand up, Speak out

We offer a very unique approach to this important legislation. Our seminar educates the audience on how to distinguish bullying and interject in acts between students.  We also explain how laws, legal obligations and attitudes towards bullying have progressed, in order to clearly define what is expected of staff when bullying occurs at school.  Staff will learn the most effective ways of stopping, treating and resolving bullying behaviors.

We take a look at what other areas have done to address this problem and suggest improved methods – from a holistic approach – how the School Safety Team and School Community as a whole can better implement HIB (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying) policies. Michael DeLeon shares his expertise on bullying prevention, intervention and response including all aspects of bullying, including verbal, physical, bias-based and what takes place in cyberspace.

This seminar speaks about the presence and prevalence of gang involvement among students and the direct correlation to changing trends among youth with drug and alcohol use/abuse. This seminar explains the new reality of how the suburbs are a magnet for street gangs. Gang trends are changing and New Jersey has a very unique dynamic on how gangs, gang members and gang activity/violence affects youth in different ways; specifically related to suburban gang migration. This workshop does not educate attendees about the history of gangs, but about how gangs affect our communities today. It addresses the dangers of street gangs and gang activity, specifically related to suburban gang migration. It incorporates the potentially harmful associations of peer groups, long-term consequences of irrational thinking and the unhealthy decision-making skills that some students suffer from.  It also distinguishes appropriate punishments for gang-related activity in schools. Furthermore, it provides staff with the means of preventing potential gang involvement and intervening in ongoing gang activity among students specifically identifying the correlation to drug and alcohol use.

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This seminar addresses the unique and atypical issues that students deal with in districts that have a very diverse culture as well as a high concentration of families that live well below the poverty line. These districts also contain a large number of students that have either a parent incarcerated or live with a guardian other than a biological parent. The effects of incarceration on the children is something that few educators are trained in. This workshop specifically addresses techniques and methods to teach through these issues. There are specific tools that can be used to motivate students that deal with these issues and exact methods will be discussed and developed.


These workshops are completed in one 2-hour or 3-hour session, which counts for Continuing Education hours.

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