For Employers

Managing a Drug Free Workplace

Two men and a woman sitting around work table with papers

Corporate Presentation

  • Help employers develop and maintain a successful drug free workplace
  • Components of a drug free workplace, employee’s assistance program and drug testing
  • Review policy already in place
  • Range of consequences for drug use in the workplace
  • Cost savings in a drug free workplace
  • How a drug free family (home) supports a drug free workplace

Session Purpose

  • Better understand what makes addiction a disease so as to break the stigma of misinformation that keeps those struggling with it from pursuing the help they need.
  • Prevention strategies targeting the root of the problem along with early intervention to help reduce the negative consequences of substance misuse before the occur.

Session Objectives

  • Changing trends with synthetic drugs, e-cigarettes, vapes and alcohol
  • Signs and symptoms of opioid and other substance misuse
  • The negative effects of addiction stigma and how to combat it
  • Tools and resources to help family members and loved ones lead healthier lives