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In today’s substance abuse pandemic—the worst public social health crisis America has ever seen—the threat to our youth is greater than ever.  The chasm between what parents needed to know in the 80’s, and the current trends necessary to understand today’s scene, the importance of parental education and awareness cannot be overestimated. It is vital!

The threats to youth have changed through the years and the terminology you thought you understood now needs new understanding.  What are the conversations you need to have?

Where does connection fit in with this digital world?

Where do we go from here?

Michael DeLeon is a needed voice. A recovered addict, ex-offender, former gang member and a national leader in prevention and recovery, addiction advocacy and criminal justice reform, Michael delivers a seminar that will be remembered and referenced for a long time to come.

Michael discusses the biggest threats to families including the “Tri-Fecta Gateway®, Marijuana legalization and commercialization, the e-cigarette and vaping/JUULing trends and the digital relationship to substance use and abuse.

Michael will introduce the most underutilized medical breakthrough in America today called Pharmacogenetic testing, a scientific breakthrough that shows parents exactly how the body individually and uniquely metabolizes medications. The science will literally end trial-and-error prescribing in America.

What Makes Michael’s Presentation Unique for Parents:  

  • Powerful message that literally captivates parents and guardians
  • Skilled motivational speaker with real life experience
  • Completely unique message about the social difficulties of adolescents
  • Thought provoking discussion on the long-term effects of gateway drugs
  • A very atypical presentation on why the national trend to minimize the importance of drug awareness education and prevention is subtle and rarely discussed, yet the most dangerous trend threatening this entire generation

Michael taking selfie with students holding up peace signs

What are the learning objectives for audience members:  

  • A better understanding of the nature of substance abuse and addiction
  • More knowledge about the origin and process of the current epidemic of opiates and heroin within their communities
  • Ability to articulate the reasoning behind much of the changing trends with the targeting of youth with alcohol, nicotine and marijuana
  • New understanding how tobacco/nicotine and marijuana have drastically changed in nature and substance as well as the marketing that targets our youth
  • Information about substance use disorder signs and symptoms to watch for with both adolescents and adults
  • Better equipped to speak with your children and colleagues about substance use disorder and addiction
  • Provided with tips, conversation points and advice on how to better prevent drug and alcohol use from affecting our children
  • Understanding about drug tests, their importance and the deterrent benefits from beginning in middle school years.

Audience members learn about the 40 developmental assets created by Search Institute and how to use these protective factors in their families. developmental-assets-framework