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Steered Straight’s in-depth Student Presentation is done in smaller classrooms or lecture halls and addresses one of the most deadly epidemics affecting adolescents today: prescription drug misuse, abuse and overdose. Our presentation focuses on opiates, opioids and other prescription classes.

Students are taught how the epidemic began, why it is getting worse, and most importantly, how they can stop it. They learn appropriate steps to effectively avoid involvement and prevent it from affecting them personally. The consistent evolution from opioids to heroin is explained and the fatal dangers of synthetic drugs, heroin and opioids discussed.

Students leave with an intense understanding and heightened caution about prescription medication, both prescribed and diverted, and how to look at these products in a much more critical way. Now is the perfect time to begin talking to your teen about drugs. Please reach out to Steered Straight if you have any questions and ask your school to offer this valuable program.