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#1 Booked School Presenter in America!

Michael DeLeon has become the #1 booked School Presenter in America visiting 616 schools in 40 states in 2018 alone. Michael is the leading subject matter expert on vaping and current youth drug trends.

Steered Straight, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing educational programs and materials to youth, families and communities across the country and around the world. We are a 100% Secular organization without any affiliation with any Church, religion, or any other organizations of any kind.


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“Youth E-Cigarette and Vaping Prevention”


The complete misunderstood fixation of the Vape and the JUUL by adolescents
The susceptibility of the adolescent brain to this dangerous stimulant

The systemic dangers to the brain and body that is completely underestimated
The Tri-Fecta Gateway of Nicotine, Alcohol and Marijuana

A recent survey of kids resulted in 37% of kids stating they did not even know that it was nicotine they were inhaling when they were vaping this trendy little device – the JUUL.

25% of teens surveyed don’t even call what they’re doing, “Vaping”. They call it “JUULing” and they literally don’t consider it the same thing, and most don’t consider it dangerous. Many teens and young adults don’t even know they are inhaling an addictive substance – nicotine. These products don’t even have labeling informing the user that they contain nicotine until regulations are created and enforced.

Vaping Prevention for Kids


Unmatched Presentations for
Law Enforcement and Corrections

Unmatched Presentations and Seminars for Specific
Community and School Audiences

Generation Z: Tainted By Vaping & Opioid Epidemics?


Why Steered Straight? 

What makes Steered Straight unique:

Steered Straight is much more than a visit – our “Back to the Classroom” year-long curriculum sets our program apart. The program kicks off with a dynamic presentation given by skilled, motivational speakers with real-life experience and poignant stories of consequence. We compliment the message with a daily, weekly, and monthly collection of education, interactive exercises, and prevention material.

What audience members will gain from these seminars and presentations:

  • Better understanding about consequences of negative choices 
  • Thought provoking lessons about the lasting effects of poor decisions
  • Real-life examples of consequences and poor choices
  • Message resonates long after the assemblies and presentations are over

We deliver a message that will help children, especially teenagers, to:

  • Question their assumptions about bullying, gangs, drug use and crime
  • Analyze the social norms of the peers around them
  • Develop a self-paradigm to live by rather than the social mirror so many of them use to gauge their direction
  • Learn to rationally and intelligently make the right life choices


To  steer  youth  toward  making  sound,  rational  decisions  by  creating  a  learning experience that provides them with a message of reality and helps them to make positive, informed choices.

Powerful and Effective Student Programs

For Schools and Communities throughout America with unparalleled presenters carrying an in-depth message that resonates with students, staff and parents.

Effective Student Assemblies
Bullying Prevention Programs
Gang Awareness & Prevention Program
Drug & Alcohol Awareness Seminars
Effective Student Curriculum
Alternatives to Violence Program
Professional Development Workshops
Community & Parental Presentations

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