Keeping America’s Youth Safe

Welcome to our monthly newsletter offering information on Steered Straight’s activities and tips to keep your child or young adult safe as they navigate the challenges so common for their age.

Nationally, we have presented to over 5 million people. Our assemblies deal with substance use and abuse, under-age drinking, as well as gangs and gang violence. On average, in an audience of 400 participants per assembly, roughly 20 to 30 kids stay seeking help. Some are in real trouble and through us find help with school counselors.

Reaching youth is key, our mission is clear. To bring a Steered Straight program into your school contact us at 856-691-6676 or click here.


Join Recovery Army!

Opiates and Heroin — An American Epidemic
As a nation, we are experiencing the most deadly health crisis ever and the only way to end it is through collaboration. Too many are dying, we all must join together to solve this horrific problem.

Visit and locate your area of interest to find information on specific problems and how you can do your part in helping to bring real change.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Educators and School Districts
  • Insurance Companies
  • Judicial Systems
  • Treatment Providers
  • Parents
  • Federal, State, and Local Governments


Finding Help with Addiction

Intervention – 1.856.691.6676
When a loved one struggles with addiction, family and friends often feel helpless, hurt, angry, fearful, and frustrated. Many do not know where to turn to get help for the addict—due to health insurance issues, location or the multiple choices one sees on the internet.
Getting your loved one into treatment may not be easy but their life is worth the effort. Start today to help guide your family member or friend onto the road to recovery by calling Michael DeLeon Recovery.

Treatment – 1.856.691.6676
If you are like most of the people who call us, you are facing a breaking point. The help you need to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction is available right now! We will work hard to find you a treatment program that best fits your needs. Find your brighter future, call today!