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John Luppo

About ​John Luppo

John Luppo is a modern-day Miracle. He is a man who has endured substantial trauma, tragedy and overwhelming loss. His life is legitimately what Hollywood movies are made of. Raised on the streets of the Bronx in an Italian, Catholic family he went on to become a very successful Wall Street executive in his early adult life.

Unfortunately, Wall Street led him to living a fast life, including all the trials that came with it. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and womanizing became the oxygen he breathed. John became more and more successful until his brother’s tragic death by overdose sent his life spiraling out of control and into rehab.

John stayed sober for 2 years, then the fast life of Wall Street got to him again. For the next 15 years, his life was best described as a roller coaster. He made millions then lost it, had 5 houses, numerous engagements, and too many girlfriends to count. Even with the money, houses, and all, life still felt unfulfilled. John came to his knees at 40 years old and finally got sober. For good.

After losing a dear friend in recovery, John was inspired to launch a crusade with a documentary called Modern Day Miracles. This is a movie about recovery from the disease of addiction – dedicated in memory to his friend and brother.

John’s crusade included his childhood hero and MLB star, Darryl Strawberry, who he asked to be in the documentary. This relationship turned into friendship and John eventually became Darryl Strawberry’s manager. As a result, John had the opportunity to travel across the United States to share his testimony in hopes of helping others.

John strives to make an impression on everyone he meets, from the homeless man on the street to the millionaire in the mansion. John has the privilege to frequently speak at prisons and schools to individuals about overcoming difficult obstacles. Through Luppo Ministries, John speaks out about the perils of addiction and the consequences that going down that road leads to. John is an entrepreneur, an evangelist and recovery advocate and has an amazing story to tell others.