June’s Road To Recovery segment: Crystal Vallee

Crystal Vallee grew up in a tumultuous household. Dealing with her father’s alcoholism, a close friend’s unexpected death, and the incessant yearning to belong, how could she possibly find her way out of the depths?

After Crystal’s parents divorced, her life spiraled out of control. Desperately wanting to fit in, Crystal started looking for acceptance in all the wrong places. At 12 years old, she started hanging out with “the older, bad crowd.” Any drug that “the older cool kids” were abusing, Crystal followed suit. Ultimately, she found love and acceptance from an older girl, named Nicole, who essentially took her “under her wing.” Crystal idolized her, and felt as if she finally was important to someone. Much to Crystal’s horror, her best friend was murdered.

Surviving in an alcoholic’s household, her parents divorce, sexual abuse, and a loss of a dear friend – how do you recover from all of that trauma?!

Crystal says, “It’s so ironic that my mental prison led me to a physical prison. But that’s what I needed, in order to finally be free.”

Today, Crystal works alongside Michael DeLeon, sharing her powerful story. She exclaims, “I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity – any way I can help save at least one child/teen, I know I’m doing something right; I know this was where God wanted me to be, all along.”

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By: Jessica Osborn

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