Steered Straight Founder Awarded Drug-Free World Hero Award

Steered Straight Prevention Champion Honored

Michael and his team of presenters have reached over five million students and thousands of adults in recovery facilities. State to state, he travels delivering his motivational message. Before leaving each presentation, he provides evidence-intervention material to thousands of schools and facilities, to maximize the effectiveness of his speech.

Michael’s story resonates because his life was once entwined in drugs and gang activity as well. In 2007 he was released from prison and founded Steered Straight Inc. He converted his personal road to recovery into a trail, blazed with the motivation and powerful public resources. His interventions have helped his audiences live better directed and more purposeful lives.

Michael continues his mission with great momentum and shows no sign of letting up. The Drug Free Hero Award serves as the added fuel for the engine that drives him. With great humility, he accepted the award crediting his wife and staff for his focus, longevity, and strength.

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Discussion Forum

This Month’s Discussion Question:

90% of teens who become addicted, begin by using either tobacco, alcohol and/or marijuana. Steered Straight calls these substances the “Trifecta Gateway” to addiction. Do you believe social acceptance of these substances contribute to the continued growth of drug use and abuse in America?

Our Favorite Pinterest Summer Bucket List

Summer is usually pretty exciting for students the first few weeks out. Then the complaints of boredom begin. Have no fear, Click the sun for Steered Straight’s favorite Summer Bucket List!

Here are our top five personal faves for your child’s most active and purposeful summer:

  1. Volunteerism
  2. College/Career Research
  3. Goal Setting
  4. De-stressing Hobbies
  5. Outdoor Sporting

Drug Prevention Toolbox

Confidential and anonymous helpline for youth and young adults.

2nd Floor 888-222-2228 Touth helpline





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June School Visits

  • Newton High School
  • GW Carver School
  • Marlboro Middle School
  • Burlington City High School
  • Marlboro Memorial Middle School
  • Lakewood Middle School
  • Thunderbolt Academy
  • Matawan High School
  • Pemberton High School
  • Gibbsboro School
  • Oaklyn School
  • New Hanover Twp Elementary
  • Alexander Dembo School
  • Newton High School
  • Heightstown High School
  • Arrowhead Elementary
  • WS Mount Elementary
  • Monroe Township Middle School

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