Karina O’Neill

About Karina O’NeillLady in white outfit holding up microphone

Karina is a young voice, an identifiable voice, and she shares a message that resonates long after she presents to her audience.

She was a sophomore in High School when the Steered Straight program visited her school. It was ironically the very day she returned to school from a mental health intervention. It was this program that turned everything around for her. She started to use her experience and her pain to help others making PSA’s on suicide prevention and helping her peers overcome obstacles.

In college, she fell into a destructive lane with alcohol and drugs and once again found a pathway of recovery and redemption through Steered Straight. As a young adult, she is very relatable to students as she looks and talks this issue from a young person’s perspective. Her presentation engages with students from the start and she is able to navigate them through the facts and stats as a peer. Her message is powerful and audiences feel as if they’re looking into the mirror when she speaks. Counselors, administrators and parents are as enamored with her story and her content. Students walk away truly changed for the better and they respond in high numbers about self-reflection and finding purpose.