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This is the Final Trailer for the upcoming Documentary, “Kids Are Dying” about the epidemic overdose problem in New Jersey and across our Country. We have been criticized for parts of even this trailer by people who do not believe this problem exists in their back yards. Overdose death is now the #1 leading cause of accidental death in our Country. It is real, and Kids are literally dying from drugs in record numbers. We need to unmask this suburban epidemic that affects us all.

Kids Are Dying Movie

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In 2010, after the death of a friend’s precious daughter, a “perfect young girl” from a “perfect family”, I set out to answer the question that EVERYONE was asking – WHY? How could heroin steal the soul of such an atypical victim. What I found out was that she wasn’t “atypical” at all. She was the face of a pandemic that has plagued urban communities for decades but was ignored. This pandemic would be different, but it would still be ignored. Now there was a new cartel – Big Pharma – and their new drug dealers – Doctors! This would create a scourge of drug death unlike anything America had ever seen.

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