My 12-Step Playlist

The Process

Learn about our process to use the Music you Love to Enhance Your Recovery

Step #1

Look at the music you’ve enjoyed through your life and choose the songs you have been impacted by the most.

Step #2

Choose a song to match each of the 12 Steps of AA/NA and match a song for each step to make your very own 12-Step Playlist.

Step #3

Use your 12-Step Playlist to enhance your walk through early Recovery and share this concept with other people.

About Us

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Our Team

Our amazing team of dedicated and selfless supporters has enabled us to become a leading opinion leader in Prevention and Recovery nationwide. We created a Recovery Army and began this War on Addiction.
Join Our Army…. the Recovery Army!

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Our History

Founding our non-profit organization, Steered Straight, Inc. in 2007, our focus and attention was on Prevention. We saw the absolute correlation with Recovery and the impact that Recovery had on families, so we’ve created various, supportive tools to help share the Hope of Recovery with everyone.

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Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort in the Recovery Community. Our members and supporters understand the beauty of Recovery and the Shared Hope of Recovery with others. We merely want to create as many tools as we can to enhance the lives of everyone.

Making Your Playlist

Music is Medicine
Reflecting on the Music you’ve enjoyed through your life, that has stuck with you, brought back memories and enhanced your life.

Look at the 12-Steps
Each step in the 12-Step Fellowship has meaning, has substance and serves a purpose. To enhance each step , choose a song from your life that manifests that step for you personally.

Make Your Playlist
Once you find a song to specifically represent that step, put this playlist together and listen to it on a regular basis.

Recovery Growth is Life Growth
Just like life evolves, Recovery evolves. The 12 steps might change in impact over time so altering the playlist and Recovery changes is a natural and fun things to do.

Share your playlist with others
Music is absolutely medicine and enriches the Soul. Share your playlist with others as your Hope gives Hope to others.

Share Your Recovery Story
The Recovery Army is a movement… we are coming together to fight a War on Addiction and the Power of Recovery will Win This War. Check out and let us know if you’d like to Share your story for our website. Join the Recovery Army!