Hi, my name is Morgan! I’m a children’s service worker and registered foster parent in Pennsylvania. I’m also the voice behind “Children Need a Voice Too.”

Children Need a Voice Too is a blog to bring awareness to the foster care system and those who are impacted by it. Foster care can be a taboo topic to some, but for me, it’s children with a traumatic background that need a family, children that need a support system, families who open their hearts and their homes to children in need, and so much more!

What sparked my interest in foster care? I have always wanted to adopt and have known this since I was a child myself. After gaining employment in the child welfare system, my fiance and I began our journey to becoming registered foster parents in the state of Pennsylvania. We went through the process and became approved in roughly 2 months. This was the start of potentially growing our family and providing a safe and loving home to a child in need. While we were going through this process, I was learning more and more from the foster children on my caseload.

I learned very quickly that there are many flaws with the current foster care system. There are variations across all states however, the main aspects across the board definitely have their issues. I will narrate the broken pieces of the system, my own experiences working in child welfare and fostering, and advocate for the children in the system.

After all, children deserve a voice too!

Morgan and her fiance smiling for photo