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Tony Denison

tonyd - National SpeakersAward-winning actor Tony Denison joined the cast of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick, as Det. Andy Flynn in 2005, which quickly became TNT’s # 1 Drama. Transitioning his role onto the spin-off series Major Crimes,  with season 6 now filming and has broken all rating records with over 10 million fans and consistenly wins the night the show airs.  Lt. Flynn is a consistent fan-favorite known for his antics opposite GW Bailey’s Lt. Provenza and for his character’s romance with Mary McDonnell’s Capt. Sharon Raydor, which his avidly growing fans affectionately refer to as #Shandy, and with this seasons wedding the fans will be glued to their screens more than ever.

Denison has received a Prism Award by the Entertainment Industry Council for Outstanding Performance in a Drama Series and five SAG nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. As a popular television guest star, he’s appeared on ABC’s Castle, in the final season of FX’s hit show Sons of Anarchy and had a recurring arc on FOX’s Prison Break. 

Lillo Brancato

lillo - National Speakers

Famed actor who at 15 years of age, was cast in Robert DeNiro’s Directorial debut, “A Bronx Tale”. That thrust into stardom for a young boy introduced a young man to a world of choices, and a life of addiction derailed into tragedy one fateful night when his world collided with a horrible outcome. Lillo went to New York State Prisons for 10 years and found a purpose that his young fame can deliver to youth in a way no one can. From a Bronx Tale to a Cautionary Tale, his story, and more importantly, his lessons for youth, will not only change the conversation, but will give students an insight they can believe in.

Alexis Johnson

alexi - National Speakers

Alexis Johnson is a 35 year female who currently resides in Harrisburg, Pa. July 13th, 2018, Alexis celebrated 3 years clean and sober. She has suffered everything imaginable, from 7 overdoses, 2 flatlines, 3 DUI’s, 7 trips to prison including state prison, burying 16 of her friends- including her ex fiancé, and giving her addiction 15 years of her life. Today, she is an international fitness model, making 2 magazine covers and getting published in one of the most prestigious magazines in America. She is a published Author. Her memoir, Beautiful Nightmare will be released this year. She is one of our most powerful and most engaging motivational speaker.

Amy Locane

amy - National Speakers

Amy Locane had a Hollywood career and returned to her home of NJ to be a stay at home mom when the unthinkable happened. Alcohol abuse led to a tragic collision that killed someone, and changed Amy’s life forever. With 7 years of sobriety behind her, Amy truly believes in the principal of “giving her wisdom through sobriety away in order to keep it”, and hopes her story can prevent more tragedies from occurring in the future.

Thomas Tapeh

tapeh - National Speakers

He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round in the 2004 NFL Draft. He played college football at Minnesota. Tapeh has also played for the Minnesota Vikings.

Tapeh grew up playing soccer in Liberia before his family moved to the Twin Cities when he was nine years old. He attended Saint Paul Johnson High School. He is the only player to score a touchdown in the Metrodome as a high schooler (in a Johnson-Harding High School game), as a collegiate athlete (for the Gophers), and as a professional athlete in the NFL (as an Eagle). Thomas has been reaching youth as a High School football coach, as a motivational speaker and as a mentor since leaving the NFL. His dynamic message resonates with students and staff and his engaging personality is something that students engage with allowing his message to leave a lasting impression.

Jam Alker

Jam Alker - National Speakers

Jam Alker is a songwriter who spins his experiences into stories. These stories, told through music, often touch on life’s dark, gritty underbelly, without judgment or condemnation, but often with a message of hope. 

In his formative years on Chicago’s music scene, Jam played virtually every stage in the city, then toured the country. Though he loved music, he lost his way. In the depths of misery and addiction, on the verge of losing everything, he reached out for help.

Aaron Spaulding

aaron - National SpeakersA man that has first hand experienced the horrors of active addiction and felt the consequences that have come from dealing with substance use issues for over 20 years. Through years of criminal activity, gang involvement, and the rock bottom he found while serving a lengthy prison sentence Aaron has turned his life around and is committed to giving back to the community by sharing the problems of his past so others may find hope for their solutions of tomorrow.

Aaron found his path to recovery through a Cognitive Behavior Therapy group called Challenge 2 Change, and has helped facilitate these meetings over the last two years within the recovery community. Aaron is an inspirational public speaker, writer, and has spent the last few years helping create conversation and change on the addiction issues within his Southeastern Indiana community with a non profit recovery advocacy group called 1Voice.


Mike Palombi

mike - National Speakers

The 30-year owner of a construction company, Mike Palombi has been building foundations—both for houses and for young lives. In 2008, Mike was able to accomplish what even the law said he’d never be able to accomplish; he received a Standard Certification for Teacher of Carpentry allowing him to teach in any school in the State of New Jersey. Since his release from prison, Mike has used his trade skills and experience of overcoming the entanglements of addiction and incarceration to teach at-risk youth the importance of building foundations for life.

In January 2014 Mike released his award-winning memoir, How’s It Feel, Tough Guy? From Prisoner of Pride to Prisoner of Hope. His memoir, received 1st Place recognition in The Christian Writers Awards, in the category of Counseling/Recovery and is currently in hundreds of prisons and county jails nationwide. Together with his wife Heidi, they use the book as a vehicle to bring a message of hope to those most others deem to be hopeless.

Nick Morgan

nick - National Speakers

A heroin addict in recovery, Nick Morgan has been clean since June 2, 2015. Originally from Marion, IL, Nick began using drugs and alcohol as a teenager and continued for over 10 years. His addiction steadily increased until it took over his life, taking everything from him. His friends and family encouraged him to get help but after ignoring their many pleas, Nick found himself excluded from his own family. Not long after, Nick lost his best friend to a heroin overdose. It was at this point when he literally had nothing that Nick decided he needed to change his life, he needed treatment.

After several attempts at rehab and treatment Nick found success. Relapse was part of his journey, but it also motivated him to finally change his life. Nick found that reaching out to other addicts in recovery helped. By putting his faith in their knowledge and experiences he was able to learn what he needed to do to stay sober. He has worked at rehab facilities as a behavioral health technician, housing director and community relations coordinator.

Nick has made it his goal to help other addicts change their lives just as others have helped him. After founding his online social community “Crush The Epidemic” in 2016, Nick has helped countless addicts and families in their fight against addiction. Drawing from his own personal and sometimes painful experiences to show that long-term sobriety is possible, he aims to be a source of knowledge and comfort for those struggling with addiction. He now travels the country  spreading his experience and triumph over addiction.

Nick currently works at Comprehensive Wellness Centers in Lantana, FL as a Community Outreach Coordinator. The facility provides dual-diagnosis at PHP and IOP levels.

donatenow - National Speakers

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