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Survivor Who Lost Everything to Drug Addiction Shares Story of Recovery

“I think you can beat drugs and alcohol without God. But if you have God’s spiritual principles in your life you’re going to have a recovery beyond your wildest dreams. Because it’s not about getting clean. It’s not staying off the drugs. It’s about renewing your life and growing into the person you were destined to be, finding your purpose in your life.”

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Former Addicts Warn Students About Drugs

Times-Union December 8, 2016 Two ex-convicts shared their stories with Tippecanoe Valley Community High School students Tuesday. Michael DeLeon and Crystal Vallee spoke to students about staying away from drugs as part of  a four–day tour of area schools. DeLeon, who...

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Advocate Steers Drug Addiction Debate

Michael R. DeLeon has been called many things: drug addict and gang member on the one hand, motivational speaker and filmmaker on the other. In his quest to reach young people about serious life issues, particularly drugs, DeLeon has picked up a couple of other...

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Recovered Addict Tells His Life Story

A recovered heroin addict shared his story with Wallenpaupack Area High School students a few weeks ago. Michael DeLeon travels the country, telling how caffeine pills led to cocaine and eventually heroin; but his connection to a gang led to his mother’s murder and a gun being held to his young daughter’s head.

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Recovered Addict Bringing His Message to City

Fighting the battle against addiction takes a lot of arsenal. Just saying no doesn’t work. The scared straight approach is ineffective. Big-time celebrities speaking to students at assemblies or the relative of someone who has died from an overdose can be well...

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Anti-Drug Crusader to Speak in Wixom

Michael DeLeon is on a mission: a mission to educate our country’s youth to stay in the right direction when it comes to serious life issues, especially drugs. DeLeon is the founder and powerhouse behind Steered Straight Inc., a nonprofit organization formed in 2000...

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Heroin Use Growing Problem Among Indiana’s Amish

Amish communities from three Indiana counties met Monday night to talk about a common problem: heroin. Amish elder Ben Stoltzfus says the problem of opioid addiction hasn't spared his otherwise isolated community. "It's just slowly creeping in here," he said. Heroin...

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Recovering Addict Offers Warning, Hope

In a region many travel to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, an issue is underway that has caused great heartache and concern, while leaving some to wonder what can be done to address the area’s struggle with addiction. To learn more, at Wallenpaupack Area...

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Village Efforts to Tackle Teen Drug Abuse Paying off

The Key Biscayne fire department is used to dispatching help from within its walls, but Chief Eric Lang never knew his station would become the proverbial living room in which families are sitting down to have the all-important discussion about drugs and alcohol.“A...

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