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Steered Straight Warns Students of Heroin Danger

In Lebanon, high school students gathered for an assembly Friday to talk about the realities of heroin and addiction. During the assembly, one-third of students indicated they personally knew friends and family members struggling with addiction.

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The New ‘Just Say No To Drugs’

Sam Motsay, by all accounts, was your typical boy next door: honor roll student, basketball player, band member, devoted big brother. But on May 11, 2014, Mother's Day, he made a decision -- a decision that that took his life and shattered the future for his parents...

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Forum Looks for Ways to Combat Cumberland County Drug Problems

“We can’t just arrest and incarcerate ourselves out of this problem,” said Michael DeLeon, founder of Steered Straight, a Millville-based nonprofit that promotes alcohol and drug awareness. “People keep saying someone has to do something. It’s time for us to be that someone. This is a public health crisis.”

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Students hear emotional testimony

For an hour and forty minutes Thursday, North Montgomery High School students and faculty were so quiet one could hear a pin drop. On the auditorium stage were two men who gave testimonies so powerful it brought many audience members to tears.

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