Anti-Drug Crusader Brings Message of Consequences to Los Angeles Students

Michael DeLeon is on a mission: A mission to equip students and those in recovery, with the proper tools to make good decisions when it comes to drug awareness and other serious life issues. Our champion has reached over five million students and thousands of adults in recovery facilities. State to state, he travels delivering his motivational message.  Before leaving each presentation, he provides evidence-intervention material to thousands of schools and facilities, to maximize the effectiveness of his speech.

Michael is the powerhouse behind Steered Straight Inc.  He carries an important message to youth on the extreme dangers of drugs, gang involvement and associated criminal activity. Steered Straight’s program reaches out to adolescents, teens and adults, with a message of reality about life-choices and the importance of consequential thinking.

Michaels story resonates because his life was once entwined in drugs.  He converted his personal road to recovery into a trail, blazed with the pertinent resources his audience needs to live better directed and more purposeful lives.

Steered Straight Drug Prevention Programs
“Every $1 spent on drug prevention is $50 saved in addiction treatment”

About Steered Straight School Programs

  • K-8 – Stay in Your Lane Character Building Skit –  Drug use often stems from character flaws and pains developed in adolescence.  Our skits address trending issues that put our youth at risk for drug use and gang affiliation.  These issues include bullying, cyberbullying, peer pressure, and poor decision making.   Our skit is supported by a parent-student resource called Table Talks.
  • Table Talks is a guide that prompts a daily conversation and/or activity between parent and student. The conversations are rooted in family togetherness and the sharing of learning experiences.   Table Talks prompts the types of conversations between parents and students that will prove to leave long term memories and lasting impressions.   Please see Steered Straight link information below to gain access to this valuable resource.
  • 9-12 – Motivational Speaker presentations that are supported by student resources. These student resources include a series of student resources including Peer Mentor Leadership Training, Negativity Resistance Training, and Student Journaling Assignments.  The motivational presentation is the kickoff to the series.  The other supporting modules of resources offer creative ways to gently reinforce substance abuse education and character building skills throughout the school year.

Parent Academy – Parents learn about:

  • latest drug trends.
  • signs and symptoms to watch for.
  • Be better equipped to speak with your children.
  • How to better prevent drug and alcohol use from affecting your children.

Professional Development

  • For Teachers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Personnel
  • Workplace

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