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‘Road to Recovery’ Newsletter

August 2017

Adopt a School CampaignDrug Prevention and Character Building Our Kids are Worth the Work!Steered Straight delivers presentations to schools on bullying, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and gang resistance. Michael DeLeon and his team of presenters travel the country...

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July 2017

Steered Straight Builds Municipal Alliances Michael Shares His Story of Hope with Inmates and Gains Sheriff Support for  School Assemblies Many of the assemblies that are brought to schools are funded by the support of the local law enforcement.   These municipal...

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June 2017

Steered Straight Founder Awarded Drug-Free World Hero Award Steered Straight Prevention Champion Honored Michael and his team of presenters have reached over five million students and thousands of adults in recovery facilities. State to state, he travels delivering...

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April 2017

Talking to your teens is one of the most important things you can do! Statistics show that Parents and Guardians talking with (and listening to) their children increases the rate of them making healthy positive choices. Click on this link to learn how to talk with...

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March 2017

Killing More Than Pain Steered Straight's in-depth Student Presentation is done in smaller classrooms or lecture halls and addresses one of the most deadly epidemics affecting adolescents today: prescription drug misuse, abuse and overdose. Our presentation focuses on...

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February 2017

Steered Straight, Inc. -  We've presented to over 5 million youth and young adults. Help us reach students in your local schools.  Middle / Intermediate / High School Student Assemblies Kids are being encouraged to “try” everything. Our highly trained speakers have...

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January 2017

Keeping America's Youth Safe Welcome to our monthly newsletter offering information on Steered Straight's activities and tips to keep your child or young adult safe as they navigate the challenges so common for their age. Nationally, we have presented to over 5...

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June 2016

Crystal grew up in a tumultuous household. Dealing with her father’s alcoholism, a close friend’s unexpected death, and the incessant yearning to belong.

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May 2016

As a child, Paula couldn’t fathom her own father, who spoiled her incessantly, could ever be “the neighborhood drug dealer.”

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March 2016

After being raped and stealing for her next fix, Monica realized it was time to change her ways.

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February 2016

Jenna looked to alcohol to self-soothe, feeling better and better, with every sip she was taking.

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January 2016

John understands that addiction is a disease, but he experienced first-hand, what happens to a family when one of their loved ones battles an addiction.

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December 2016

Colin made an awful decision one night, at age 16. By night’s end, he ended up overdosing, and left for dead, on his own front steps.

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November 2015

Featured Story: Steered Straight’s Aly; also “Heroin: CMC’s Fastest Growing Epidemic”

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