One Step Away

Prison and Jail Inmate Presentations and Workshops

In today’s evolving-door jail and prison culture, where the recidivism is driven by addiction, relapse and a continual life of related crime, a powerful voice and direction is needed from an identifiable messenger. Michael delivers a dynamic and compelling message of overcoming the barriers of re-entry and tackling the societal stigma of being an ex-offender. He emphasizes the #1 Success Principle: Taking 100% Responsibility of your Life. He brings real-life tools, motivation and encouragement to a population void of all three. This is a seminar to inmates that literally changes the conversation and tone of conversation on the tier.

At the end of this presentation and seminar, participants will understand the concepts of Michael DeLeon’s Three Pillars of Re-Entry Capital:

  • Furthering Education – All data shows and proves that recidivism decreases as education increases
  • Furthering Employment – Steady Employment is the foundation of successful re-entry into society and continued freedom from further involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Commitment to Community – Individuals are less likely to take from the community when they are engaging in and contributing to it. Involving yourself into your community as a volunteer, in civic and societal programs builds that engagement and creates a sense of community ownership.