Steered Straight Presenter John Fuqua. True Stories that inspire and promote success. Much more than a speaker. We don’t just Tell Stories, we Teach Stories. Students are captivated and engaged and more than 80% of surveyed students have a conversation with their Parents or Guardians about the session. With our Back to the Classroom Program, these presentations last all year long through educational modules

You have many options available to you in order to educate students through student assemblies and group presentations, as well as a community through Town Halls or Parent Nights. We understand your time is limited and budgets are even more so. We are extremely cost-effective and we can conduct multiple assemblies to accommodate the population. It is critical to reach students and parents with a message that resonates, and Steered Straight presentations are the most effective, not only in getting the message to students, but having the message penetrate and stay with them long after the assembly is over.

  • Our messages help schools, law-enforcement agencies and organizations to curb the rising tide of juvenile delinquency, youth involvement in gangs, and drug and alcohol use and abuse among our youth.
  • We inform the community (youth, parents, educators, etc.) about the evils and truths of crime, gang involvement, addiction, and life in prison.
  • Our prevention programs are primarily innovative programs of prevention and intervention and closely follow the 16 Prevention Program Principles of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health.
  • Our prevention programs enhance protective factors and reverse or reduce risk factors. They are innovative and motivational. They inspire student audiences and captivate staff and parents.
  • Our prevention programs are catered to the audience, including age, size, and racial make-up, as well as unique issues that face each group.
  • We avoid profanity in our presentations and emphasize the seriousness of the issues without using overly graphic language or situations.

We deliver a message that will help children, especially teenagers, to:

  1. Question their assumptions about bulling, gangs, drug use and crime;
  2. Analyze the social norms of the peers around them;
  3. Develop a self-paradigm to live by rather than the social mirror that so many of them use to gauge their direction; and
  4. Learn to rationally and intelligently make the right life-choices.

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"Helping Young People Help Themselves"


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Student Assemblies & Special Programs

While each Steered Straight, Inc. student assembly focuses on the topic at hand, all assemblies emphasize the importance of consequential thinking and protective factors. In this way, students learn the significance of positive influences, both internal and external, such as, positive choices, positive self-talk, and positive role models.

Through pre and post presentation student surveys, we have found that 80% of students actually go home to talk to a parent about our assemblies. Externally, through a partnership in NJ with 2ND Floor Teen Help-line, NJ districts that receive a Steered Straight Student Assembly see an average 63% increase in help-line phone calls from students. One in five of 2ND Floor’s statewide calls come from students that have viewed a Steered Straight Student Assembly.

Professional Development Workshops

In addition to the presentations and programs designed for students, we offer four Professional Development Seminars for staff and educators.  These seminars educate teachers, administrators and professional staff on the behaviors, identification, laws, and consequences surrounding the issues at hand.  They also discuss methods for appropriately recognizing and addressing situations related to bullying, gang involvement and drug and alcohol use/abuse.

Parent/Community Education Sessions

Steered Straight, Inc. education sessions are conducted similarly to professional development workshops. Essentially, they are presentations for educators, school staff, parents, guardians, and community members. Each session is designed to educate its audience about a particular issue embedded in the social conditions of today’s youth. All sessions explain the etiology, prevalence and potential consequences related to the issue, as well as prevention and intervention methods.

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