Recovery Army

Teach Your Story

The only way to END ADDICTION is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The only way to do that is to prevent kids from “starting drugs” in their teen years. 90% of every person that has struggled with addiction in their lives began as a teen – age 7 to 17. This is indisputable. The adolescent brain is still developing and doesn’t fully develop until the late 20’s. This is also indisputable.

Drug addiction is not about drugs, it’s about the brain. The three drugs that make up the foundation of 90% of addiction are alcohol, nicotine and marijuana. Alcohol is a depressant. Nicotine is a stimulant. THC/Marijuana is hallucinogenic. Each of these affect the brain in a different, non-optimum way.  It’s imperative that our youth understand what these drugs are and how they affect them.  We want youth to understand that the problem with drugs is THEM, not the drug itself, and their decision to take them. We also want them to know that they are the END of the problem. They are the ones who can put an end to the progression of addiction through their choices.

Michael speaking to gymnasium full of kids

Michael speaking to crowd of kids in school gymnasium

People sitting in gymnasium

Just as Michael DeLeon is passionate about getting his message across to youth today because of the wrong choices he made in the past which led to his addiction and eventual incarceration, we know there are many others who overcame addiction and have a passionate, incredible story to share in the same way.

Unfortunately, telling your story to kids in a one-time speech is not very effective. Rather, it has to be a spark and an engaging catalyst that motivates kids to change the way they look at themselves, their choices and their lives.  Just telling your story won’t accomplish that. You have to TEACH your story. This is a major difference.

Steered Straight has developed a new training program that can show people with a passion and talent for public speaking how to reach America’s youth. How to TEACH THEIR STORY!

We are taking applications now for people interested in ending addiction and who know with certainty that the only way to do that is to reach our kids. If you are one of those people, join our  Recovery Army and find out how you can save America’s youth through your story.