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Know More About Drugs

Know More About Drugs

The FDA wants you to know about Medication Guides.
Here is how parents can get information from the FDA that enables them to make educated decisions.

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PGX Testing

Your body has thousands of genes that you inherited from your parents. Genes determine which characteristics you have, such as eye color and blood type. Some genes are responsible for how your body processed medications. This is absolutely CRITICAL when taking medications and the importance of knowing which medications can be metabolized and processed by your body needs to be known BEFORE they are prescribed.

Informational Resources

Drug Addiction & Oral Health | NewMouth
How Drug & Alcohol Addiction Impacts Your Oral Health. Drug addiction and abuse are global issues. Drug abuse refers to those who take illegal or legal substances, such as alcohol, excessively or in the wrong way.

Parent Check NJ
The NJ Social Marketing Collaborative was developed by the New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN), the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) and the New Jersey AD Club in order to positively impact the 18 to 25 year olds and their parents.

Success Foundation

Teen Drinking and Driving

Drug Free World
Find out the truth about drugs.

Drug Watch
Hooked on Pharmaceuticals: Prescription Drug Abuse in America

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Keep your children safe from underage drinking.  Start Talking!

Search Institute
Discovering what kids need to succeed.

Teen Drug Abuse
NIDA For Teens – The science behind drug abuse.

Families Anonymous

The Medicine Abuse Project
Take the pledge:  I pledge to safeguard my medicines and to talk with my family about medicine abuse.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana: preventing another big tobacco

Drugs Over Dinner
It’s time for a compassionate conversation about drugs and addiction.