Rosevelt Rawls

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About Rosevelt Rawls

16-year old Rosevelt brings her inspiring music and a message of abuse prevention into schools across the country.Rosevelt has done more than 50 assemblies and reached over 25,000 kids with her message. She has raised over $350,000 for abused and human trafficking children. Rosevelt also has written and dedicated music for children with cancer. She has helped raise money and brought awareness to childhood cancer. Something fun about Rosevelt is that she did a music video and sang with Dick Van Dyke.

M&tM is a 501(c)3 that is dedicated to empowering all K-12 students to ‘Speak Up Be Safe’ and provide resources to identify and protect against abuse, bullying, and online dangers-creating a culture of safety, kindness and respect in schools and communities nationwide through music, education, and storytelling.

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