Presenters / Speakers

Our speakers don’t just tell stories. We teach lessons in negativity resistance.

    We don’t just tell stories, we teach stories, ones that inspire & promote success.  Students are captivated and engaged.  With our “Back to the Classroom Program,” these presentations last all year long through educational modules we provide the schools. 

    We offer Town Halls or Parent Nights and we are extremely cost-effective.  We can conduct multiple assemblies in different schools to accommodate the population. It is critical to reach students and parents with a message that resonates.

    Steered Straight presentations are the most effective in getting the message to penetrate and stay with the students long after the assembly is over.

    • Our messages help schools, law-enforcement agencies and organizations to curb the rising tide of juvenile delinquency, and drug and alcohol use and abuse among our youth.
    • Our prevention programs closely follow the 16 Prevention Program Principles of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health.
    • Our prevention programs enhance protective factors and reverse or reduce risk factors. They are innovative and motivational. They inspire student audiences and captivate staff and parents.
    • Our prevention programs are catered to the audience, including age, size, and racial make-up, as well as unique issues that face each group.

      Our Keynote Speaker:

      Michael DeLeon

      For the past 18 years, I have traveled across the entire country, speaking in all 50 states, making a difference in people’s lives, sharing a cautionary tale and educating youth, staff and parents everywhere by TEACHING my story.  It has become my life’s mission.  I do not wany any children to choose the path I went down. I want to impact their future. I live life looking through the windshield, not through the rear-view mirror.  Nothing can stop my passion and mission in life because my pain has become my purpose, which has sparked a goal and I live to make a difference. Let me come to your school and make a difference with your students. 

      Our Speakers/Presenters

      Josh Smith

      Crystal Vallee

      Darla DeLeon

      Philip O’Hara

      Nathan Johnson

      Karina O’Neil

      National Celebrity Speakers

      Tim & Jennifer Ryan

      John Whitaker

      Tony Denison

      Rosevelt Rawls

      Detective Rich Wistocki

      Big Al – Hugs Over Drugs

      Heidi Swan

      Zenon Bilas

      Catherine Mertz

      John Luppo

      Darren Prince

      Jade Eilers

      Families With a Story to Tell

      Angela Parkerson

      Angela Parkerson

      Tami Boblitt

      Tami B with yellow sweater smiling

      Tonya Garton

      Tonya Garton