Steve Mason

Steve Mason in dark blue suit posingAbout Steve Mason

Actor/ Stunt Performer/ Author/ Speaker who believes in “Simply doing the RIGHT thing!”

It is our shared responsibility to start this difficult, yet much needed conversation. Learn about the signs to look for and how to approach these “Tough Topics.”

Steve lost his father to suicide when he was an eight-year-old boy and he found the body.  This sent him on a dark path and many years of substance abuse and depression.  Now nearly 9 years clean and sober, Steve shares his poignant story.

Steve wrote and co-produced EIGHT, a 21-minute short film based on actual events of his father’s (a former Long Island Police Officer) death.  It has grown into a platform to discuss this subject matter that has long been considered “taboo.” EIGHT opens the door to discuss the rippling effects of suicide, substance abuse and what we could be looking for to help someone in need.

Steve will be speaking in your area and his message is too important to ignore.

The time to help, heal and EDUCATE IS NOW. Let’s not lose one more life!

“I am an actor and stunt performer on many of the television shows that both children and adults watch. This enables me to bond with a sense of instant connectivity to my audience.

I am very real. I do not sugarcoat the “Tough Topics” that I speak about. I believe everyone, no matter their age should be treated with the same honesty and respect.

These discussions are crucial, and my mission is to get the message out to the public. The delivery needs to be in a presentation soon not forgotten. My film and my lecture are, indeed, THAT presentation.

-Steve Mason


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