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Table Talks

Talk WITH our kids, you are the MOST Important influence in THEIR lives!

Steered Straight Inc. Presents: Table Talks and Dashboard Conversations

Our Goal: To significantly help improve the parent-child relationship and bond. To break the generational circle of drug abuse and to end the revolving door of incarceration. It starts with one conversation a day.

Our Mission: Steered Straight, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing educational programs and materials to youth, families and communities across the country and around the world.

Why This Book Was Created

Youth who eat dinner with their families at least five times per week, self-report they are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Many prevention agencies advocate that as the “Gold Standard” – dinner five nights a week? I say: NO. However, the conversation is the key!

When creating this book I decided I wouldn’t focus on the “meal” but instead the conversation. So we came up with Table Talks and Dashboard Conversations. The goal is that you will indeed have five meaningful conversations a week, in a distraction-free zone. Maybe it’s a conversation that you have while in the car. Wherever you choose to connect with your child we hope that you will take advantage of these conversations. We aren’t pushing the “30-minute” rule either. We are asking that you have one conversation a night for 3 minutes. Though, it may surprise you how many of the 3 minute conversations turn into 30 minutes. If five conversations per week is too much to handle then shoot for two conversations a week and one family field trip/activity. The weekly total of a 15 minute investment into enhancing your child’s protective factors against their experimentations with drugs/alcohol and other risky behaviors will be appreciated by both you and your child as they continue to grow and develop.

How To Use This Book

This book is broken up by the days of the month into seven day, weekly increments: 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29-31. The last two days of each week is a family field trip/ conversation or activity. Refer to the “family field trip” pages to select and activity that interests you for that day. You may then write in the date and where you went! Also, we have created a separate list of conversations that you may select from to engage with your child on the family field trips or during the family activity.

Please keep in mind: a “family field trip” day may fall on a weekday during the year. You may look over the (FFT) list to see what activity you can do at home or if you can, then go ahead and get out of the house on a weekday/night! Use the family field trip conversations for your outing/activity, they also may substitute any conversation in the month should you feel the conversation is too deep to discuss with your child. In the back of the book there is a Parent Resouce Appendix listed by months, that gives you many resources to refer to on certain subjects.

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"Helping Young People Help Themselves"

Meet The Authors

Michael and Darla holding awards and medals

Michael DeLeon

CEO/Founder of Steered Straight Non-Profit
Learn more about his own battles, recovery, and success.

Darla DeLeon

Executive Director of Steered Straight Non-Profit

Darla L DeLeon holds a Bachelor of Science degree for Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. She is currently obtaining her dual Master Degrees. Darla also has an AAS in Paralegal Studies and Respiratory Therapy. She is a certified NCADD Interventionist, a Certified Peer Support Specialist, and is a Recovery Coach. She is a drug court graduate and has more than 10 years in recovery. Her passion meets her purpose by spreading HOPE, Helping Other People Elevate. She has authored curriculum called: “My 12 Step Play List” and “Mended” that helps individuals worth through trauma and addiction.

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You are the most important influence in their lives

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Table Talks Monthly Topics

This will give you a breakdown of what your going to learn in each month. No other book will provide you with a 365 breakdown of conversations to have with your child like Table Talks will.


The Drug Epidemic:
Opioid, Steroids, Prescription Drugs & The Affects on the Body and Adolescent Brain
Discuss the dangers of controlled substances. Review the side effects, misuse, use, and abuse of drugs.


Leadership Readiness
People who hold themselves to be accountable as leaders behave much more responsibly.


Summer Bucket List
The school year has ended for most schools. Many students complain that their summer days can get boring.
However: When students are thinking about and doing the things they should, boredom becomes a non-factor. Boredom is a sign that we aren’t doing the things we should.


Bullying & Safety
This month we talk about the child’s role in harmful situations and how they can systematically process personal and peer grievances.


Marijuana Awareness
February expands on drug education by targeting Marijuana as it is a growing threat to the sobriety of our youth.


National Substance Abuse Awareness
Although we talk about substance abuse in other months, in May we address the problem from a more national, social, and systematic view.


Interpersonal Skills & Communication
Communication is the topic for August. It is fitting that we begin the school year with the basic building block of healthy relationships.


Alcohol, Tobacco/nicotine, Holiday Safety, Drinking & Driving
Alcohol & tobacco/nicotine and their physiological, psychological, sociological and the legal effects on the individual, family and society.


Perceptions, Attitudes & Experience
Teens will learn that a changed perspective can produce a more hopeful look on challenges and the future before them.


Wellness, Safety, and Healthy Options
We think it is fitting that we lead off with a strong lesson in safety, wellness and health. So much growth happens over the summer.


Emotional Health & Suicide Prevention
Through this month we guide children through self-discovery process, selfactualization,and toward the acquisition of self-governing skills.


Core Values, Peer Assimilation & Peer Pressure
Developing and implementing an effective personal wellness plan contributes to healthy decision-making over one’s lifetime.