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Tami Boblitt

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About ​Tami Boblitt

Life has brought me to a place I never wanted to be.
I lost my only child on June 8th, 2021. Chase was 30 years old.

Chase was an abundance of energy from day 1. He played t-ball, basketball, soccer and football. He loved fishing and hunting. Chase was so comical and loved making people laugh.  As a teen he began experimenting with marijuana and smoking cigarettes. I believe this started something in Chase’s brain. That began a journey of addiction, recovery, relapse, repeat.

Chase had lots of recovery time. He worked, tried to maintain a “normal” life. It was during his 20’s he fell in love with riding motorcycles and getting tattoos. Chase had too many tattoos to count and was on his 2nd motorcycle when he passed away.

At 28, Chase went to Greatful Life Center in Earlanger, Ky. He completed at 9-month program. I was beyond proud of him. He then went to a sober living home in Covington, Kentucky and he was working every day, enjoying sobriety, hanging, eating (Chase loved good food), going out with friends and riding his motorcycle.

At one point, Chase started having trouble sleeping.  He saw a therapist one time and she told him she needed to see him one more time before prescribing him something.
On June 7, Chase took a pill from a friend he believed to be Xanax. It turned out the pill was pure fentanyl.

Chase was found the morning of June 8th when he didn’t get up for work.  My life changed forever that day. Since that time, I’ve been trying to find a purpose in the pain. That purpose has become to warn parents, children, teens—everyone and anyone that will listen about the dangers of fentanyl. How addictive and deadly it truly is.

My purpose is to share my own experience with youth to show them how addiction can start in their teens. I want each one to have knowledge and be proactive and know that their choices have definite consequences.

Most of all, I want to prevent others from what happened to me.

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