Being a foster parent can be such a beautiful, rewarding thing. You’re helping to provide children with a home who may otherwise not have one, you’re giving every ounce of love in your heart to a child in need, you are building a relationship with a lasting impression on the child, and meeting all of their needs for likely the first time in a long time for them. This is awesome!

What people don’t see is the tears you shed to yourself at night wondering if you’re doing right by the child, the constant battling with the agency to advocate for the child, the stress of not knowing if the child will join your family permanently or return home, the explaining to all your family and friends when you don’t even have all the answers, the behaviors of the child when they have visits with the biological parents, the significant delays of most children because of the situation they came from, and the pressure to always be “perfect” because all eyes are on you at all times. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to endure all of these things and continue to push through to take care of yourself and your family.

Fostering is not for everyone but it is WORTH IT! The good, bad, and ugly is worth it to help a child regardless of if they remain permanently in or home or return home to biological parents. Who would they have if it weren’t for the few who help?

Children deserve a voice too!