Vaping Assembly for Students

Vaping Prevention for Kids

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“Youth E-Cigarette and Vaping Prevention”

The complete misunderstood fixation of the Vape and the JUUL by adolescents
The susceptibility of the adolescent brain to this dangerous stimulant

The systemic dangers to the brain and body that is completely underestimated
The Tri-Fecta Gateway of Nicotine, Alcohol and Marijuana

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A recent survey of kids resulted in 37% of kids stating they did not even know that it was nicotine they were inhaling when they were vaping this trendy little device – the JUUL.

25% of teens surveyed don’t even call what they’re doing, “Vaping”. They call it “JUULing” and they literally don’t consider it the same thing, and most don’t consider it dangerous. Many teens and young adults don’t even know they are inhaling an addictive substance – nicotine. These products don’t even have labeling informing the user that they contain nicotine until regulations are created and enforced.

Another GRAVE Danger is the ease with which kids can get Liquid THC, which many people mistakenly refer to as liquid marijuana. There are a plethora of website and kits to turn any and every e-liquid into a THC-liquid, and estimates of as much as 40% of all e-liquid devices confiscated by middle and high school students test positive for THC.

Now, much of America mistakenly believe that marijuana is harmless, and this in turn has misled youth to believe the same thing, but we are NOT talking about marijuana here. We are talking about a genetically-modified, commercialized, synthetic drug that is a super-high potency THC, and youth are ingesting it without ANY understanding of what it will do to the brain and body.

As with other activities, teenagers are prone to try new things with their friends, and that includes sharing vaping products that their friends may have bought. Many states don’t have age restrictions for vape purchases, so kids don’t believe that it’s even harmful to them.

  • It can alter nerve cell functioning in teen development
  • Each JUUL pod is equal to 200 cigarette puffs. That’s like smoking a PACK-A-DAY
  • Vaping lowers the body’s ability to fight infections
  • Chemicals in vape smoke causes “popcorn lung” and other bronchial problems
  • Lithium ion-powered vapes can blow up
  • Levels of nicotine are completely lacking ANY control or quality
  • Metal particles and metal traces can be deadly
  • Vapes also contain formaldehyde, embalming fluid, propylene glycol and other dangerous substances
  • Pneumonia is a much higher risk for vape users
  • Early studies link a much higher association to depression by vape users
  • There is virtually no long-term scientific studies done and nearly every study indicating the safety of vapes, e-cigarettes and JUULs have been funded by the Industry

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