Weed Between The Lines

Weed between the lines

As perception of harm goes down, youth use of marijuana goes up. Despite what the State of Colorado, numerous proponents of marijuana and the industry have states, youth use has absolutely escalated, and this can be easily proven.

There is a direct link to adolescent use of e-cigarettes and vapes and according to the CDC, middle school use is in excess of 15% and high school use exceeds 30%. The marketing for these products is all geared toward adolescents and it is completely unregulated by the FDA.

The legalization movement has increased youth use to all time highs across America and the age of experimentation and use has decreased. The problem is, almost all of the national conversation that youth get about marijuana are lies. There is an agenda to hook kids early and the media message to Parents and Community is that it is a harmless plant that is no more dangerous than alcohol.

The product has dynamically shifted from what the drug once was. Marijuana has been genetically modified to become a commercialized and industrialized toxic poison. Kids think it’s safe because most parents think it’s safe. Most Americans have no idea what is happening within this new industry. Legal states are selling 100% pure crystals, waxes and e-liquids and they are being commercially marketed across America. These products are unfortunately being bought and shipped over the internet and kids have no idea what they’re subjecting themselves to. Parents aren’t having these conversations because they don’t have the education they need.

This Presentation and/or seminar is geared to three different audiences. Students, Parents and Other Community Audiences.

  • The student assembly will engage students, open their eyes, and most importantly lead them to question their own misconceptions about what marijuana is and what it can possibly do to the development of their brains. It will directly challenge their desensitized attitude toward vaping, e-juice and e-cigarettes. It educated them in a way no other resource is doing.
  • The Parent seminar is very in-depth and eye-opening. MOST audience members have absolutely no idea about what is happening. Most parents have no idea how prevalent the use of electronic cigarettes and vapes are among high school and even middle school students. Now THC extracted from marijuana is commercially available for e-cigarettes and people need to know the connection and the amount of marketing beign done to children. Parents need to be more aware than ever.
    The Community seminar can be geared toward any audience.
  • Law Enforcement with a catered education about the risks to the community at large and its ties to enforcement
  • Educators with a catered message to them to know signs and symptoms, language and what is happening among kids with vaping and marijuana
  • Business community with a catered presentation regarding the complications and problems they will entail in running a drug-free workplace.