Zenon Bilas

Zenon Bilas

Zenon Bilas

At the age of 13, Zenon Bilas water skied for the first time and by 15, taught himself to barefoot water ski. This accomplishment ignited a passion that would drive his entire life, first personally then professionally. Sensing the potential of his accomplishment, it was also when he decided to live a clean, healthy lifestyle to excel as an athlete.

He began competing and has won 9 USA Championships, first in 1982 and winning Gold again in the Open division in 2021. By channeling his passion, Zenon has been rewarded with a treasure-trove of experience, lessons and wisdom throughout his career. He has traveled the globe competing, coaching, speaking and writing hundreds of magazine articles. Today, he brings his story and inspiration to others.

“My perseverance and dedicated focus on perpetually striving for improvement led to countless amazing experiences and meeting interesting, talented people worldwide benefiting me personally and professionally far beyond just competition.”

Zenon shares his experience to provide inspiration, power and practical tools to bring passion to the surface and create motivational drive to find success. He has created powerful speaking presentations for a vast audience to inspire and boost personal growth. Whether speaking to youth groups or seasoned business professionals, the message is universal: Harness your passion and rise to your potential in life.  

While Michael DeLeon and the Steered Straight speakers share their story related to addiction, Zenon offers the alternate route of making the positive choice to never do drugs in the first place and how this can lead to success in life.  Zenon is a great follow up speaker to a Steered Straight School Assembly Presentation as he offers a positive result on making the choice to live a clean, heathy life.


→ Create Your Own Path – Develop your own unique career.

→ From Passion to Profession – Develop skills around your passion. Make a career by channeling what drives you.

→ The Art of Success – Succeed while avoiding pitfalls.

→ Maximum Exposure – Become a marketing machine.

→ I Have No Age


  • Coached in more than 20 countries
    • Traveled to China to coach the Chinese national water ski team
    • Coached barefoot water skiers who won world championship titles
    • Published and featured in over 200 separate media outlets on six continents
    • Traveled coast-to-coast in a 10-stop Ski America promotional tour with Ford and Nautique boats

Your recent presentation “I Have No Age” at the Highland Beach Library was inspiring and enjoyable. I have applied your principles to my piano playing improvisation with very favorable results and think your talk would be of interest and help to our club of IBM retirees. Thank you for giving such an encouraging and positive message to anyone at any age.